Solo Releases

fuckscapes Fuckscapes (2003) Atomic Mouse Recordings VD022

fire in the hole Fire In The Hole (2005) Atomic Mouse Recordings VD029

crushed by d&b Crushed By D&B [SINGLE] (2005) LE Promo

google seartch & destory Google Search & Destroy (2007) Secular Pineapple SP002

iPocalypse Now iPocalypse Now (2013) Secular Pineapple SP006

rave new world Rave New World (2016) Secular Pineapple SP014


iGod & Kenji Siratori - Corpse City (2008) Secular Pineapple SP004

Cheap Flight Into Egypt - Reading The Rosetta Stone (2010) Secular Pineapple SP005

Sharkula - Dirty Caviar (2015) Atomic Mouse Recordings VD028

Diorama - The Secret Vault of Lost Curiosities (2016) Secular Pineapple SP010

Compilation Tracks

"Vasocongestion" - Sound In A Vacuum Vol. 1 (2005) Atomic Mouse Recordings VD016

"Hungry Vulva" - Sound In A Vacuum Vol. 2 (2006) Atomic Mouse Recordings VD031

"Robbi Is Soooo Much More Famous Than iGod" - Into The Vortex Vol. 1 (2009) Global Vortex